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PRO Rent a Car | +359 895 847171 | office@rent-a-car-varna.com | 

 PRO Rent a Car is a rent-a-car company. At your disposal are cars of economy, standard and luxury class with automatic and manual transmission.

  The company offers outstanding customer service and competitive costs. The office location is at the periphery of the city, serving northeastern Bulgaria.

   Our policy aims at optimum provision of correct and quality services that will satisfy the needs of our clients. We take into account your preferences and wishes when organizing your travelling so that you can feel comfortable and pleased when using our car rental service.





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Video Request a rental car bargains

Luxury car hire  from PRO Rent a car Varna is easy and fast! You can rent your luxury car online at a good price. For your convenience we have made videos, which clearly show how, in less than a minute you can rent a luxury car at a bargain price. For questions, do not hesitate to contact us contacts site



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  • Prom with car rental from Pro rent a car

    Few days remain until the beginning of the prom and traditionally the euphoria has reached its limit. In most families, the preparation started at the beginning of the year, but the graduates and their relatives continue to invest money and ideas in the glamorous upcoming evening. Young people dream of being unique and rely on extravagant and expensive solutions and luxury car rentals.The prom is a celebration that is organized on the occasion of the completion of a high school graduation. Sometimes it is preceded by sending to the school that the graduates are leaving and by meeting with the class teacher. The real part begins at the beginning of the evening, when graduates from all grades of the class gather, usually in a large restaurant. The principal and teachers traditionally attend this gathering. Graduating girls are usually dressed in formal ball gowns, and boys in a suit and tie. In recent years, clothing has become more relaxed, but retains its difference from everyday clothes "for school and disco", and much of the emotion around the prom is to dress differently and formally to show that it is word really for a holiday. The choice of the prom car has also changed and tends towards an increasingly luxurious car that we can provide you with a professional driver from Pro rent a car. The celebration of maturity and leaving the classroom. Proms are primarily for graduates to do the so-called "crossing the threshold" that separates them from the student bench of real unadulterated ...
  • Rent-a-car: tips

    What is necessary to know when we rent a car? Here are some useful tips below.   First of all, choose a car that corresponds to your needs. The smallest car is not a successful choice always. Take into account the number of passengers, the luggage and the distance to travel by car! Considering these details you can avoid troubles connected with small size of the used car.   Secondly, think which extras you would like to use. It is possible that you need GPS, additional baggage compartment or a child seat. Inform the workers of the rent-a-car company about your choice in advance in order that you could know the full price of the rental car with its extras.   In the third place, ask about the total price.Very often they don't include additional expenses such as amortization fee for the distance above certain mileage into the announced total price which is done in marketing purposes. The same applies to the document processing, delivery and return of the car and other similar expenses.   Fourthly, check the condition of tires, bumpers and windows. It is better to check their condition before you rent a car because rent-a-car companies often charge additional fees for the problems connected to car damages like that. Check the condition of tires, if the tread is OK, if there are any damages on the side edge, such as scrapes or bulges. Check if the window glasses have traces of little stone hits, which can turn into breaks later. ...
  • Rent-a-car service on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria

      Rent-a-car service in the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is becoming increasingly popular, not only during the summer tourist season, but also at any other time of year. A choice of different types of cars - small economical city car, business class car for business trips and special occasions (weddings), mini-beads for families. Airports of Varna and Burgas , through which the main flow of tourists in the summer, the preferred starting point for trips by car rental on the Bulgarian coast.     The capture and return of rental car can be in any convenient place for you. Book and pay for the car can be online, via bank transfer or credit / debit card (the most common VISA, Mastercard, American Express). You can also pay for the service in cash in his office.    Once you get the key to the car , go on a trip to the Bulgarian coast . On your car rental you can get to anywhere in the country. The sea capital of Bulgaria, Varna is the administrative and cultural center of the northern coast ofBulgaria . Every year it hosts a variety of music festivals, concerts, cultural and sporting events. Tourist symbol of the city are: Dolphin, Sea Garden, Memorial Church Cathedral "Holy Assumption".      North ...
  • Easter car rental from ProRent a car

    Gathering more weekends around Easter is good news for travel enthusiasts. With only two days of additional leave, a person can collect 10 free days to use for short and long trips by car rental.This year, May 1 falls on a Saturday, just before Easter, so we will rest on May 4. The days off will be from April 30 to May 4 (Friday-Tuesday, 5 days). If you take a holiday on May 5 and 7 (the two days around the May 6 holiday), a total of 10 days off from April 30 to May 9 inclusive are collected.And what to do with so many weekends? Here are some ideas where to spend Easter around the world and in Bulgaria with a car rental from Pro rent a car.VelingradGo to Velingrad when the city is immersed in the fresh greenery of spring. You can combine water bike rides in Lake Kleptuza, walks among the renovated Rhodope eco-trails around the city with an SUV rental and lazy afternoons in the hotel’s spas.SandanskiIt is possible that the sunny Sandanski will welcome you with summer time in May. If you prefer to stay in Bulgaria for the holidays, but want to be warm and do not feel at home, head south. Sandanski and the area around the city are a perfect combination of spa pampering, nature and cultural attractions. And the Melnik region is very close for a bonus wine tastings and walks among the vineyards.And if you still want to get to the beach, Greece is not so far away and you can take advantage of the low prices of our cars in the still uncluttered summer season and visit the Greek ...
  • How cheap car hire in Varna airport?

    Rent a car at the airport and city of Varna gives you an excellent opportunity to take a ride on the sea capital of Bulgaria and the nearby resorts. Reserve a car is easy - online rent-a-car companies Varna or by phone. At the airport of Varna is represented usually small number of offers car hire. How much earlier you choose and pay for a car, so you will have a better chance of getting a lower price from the company.   Keep in mind that in the summer season (May to September), rent-a-car service is in great demand among Bulgarians and foreigners. If you make your choice at the last moment, may get an expensive car or a car, do not perfectly match your criteria. In addition, the car for a longer period (more than 5 days) is cheaper than rent for one or two days. Select offers rent-a-car companies in Varna , about which I have heard good reviews or whose website you drew offered an abundance of cars. Contact them by phone or email to reserve a car. It is important to clarify that the place of taking the car - Varna Airport . Agree on the date and time of the meeting with a representative of rent-a-car company.   Once you have chosen ...

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