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Attractive offers rent-a-car - you need to know about them?
Attractive offers rent-a-car - you need to know about them?


In the summer of the Bulgarian coast is visited by thousands of tourists, Bulgarians and foreigners of different nationalities - German, Russian, Scandinavian, British and Jews. Rent-a-carservices provide considerable freedom to visit selected attractions not only in the sea, but also at home. Search for a car on the coast grows significantly during the active summer season when tourists are very high. Rent-a-car companies offer pick up and return the rented car anywhere on request. Most preferred - airports "Sarafovo in Bourgas and Varna. 

Reserve Car Rental , which is completely or mostly satisfied with the criteria can be a difficult task, especially in the summer months. Most rental cars have air conditioning, which will save you from the summer heat. The size of the machine, its brand, fuel consumption - other decisive criteria when choosing a machine. When you reserve a car for a day or a few hours before you use it, you may come across a limited number of proposals, which are only partially meet your criteria. 

Large luxury SUVs, for example, usually with great fuel economy, but with a high degree of permeability. Cheap m The machines rent - often small, with low fuel consumption. More suitable for movement in the city or day trips on the Bulgarian coast. Cheap rent-a-car deals as demanded by the Bulgarians, and from foreigners. If you wish to receive your selected car on arrival, book a car as soon as possible.  

Contact the rent-a-car company in Varna or Burgas to get more information about the proposal.Also, if renting a car for a week or more in the period, the company will give you a discount on the final price. Select the method of payment - in most cases, bank transfer or card (Maestro, Visa).Consult with a rent-a-car company, if you have any questions.  

Do not forget about the possible additional costs that may arise when renting a car on the coast.Every car offered rent-a-car company to be insured, to have paid vignettes and CTP. Fines imposed on you for wrong parking or speeding are paid at your expense. Be careful when you are driving to get away on holiday. 

It is important for you to be punctual when returning the vehicle to the day and hour coaxed, persuaded to place - the airport, the city center or the other, referred to in the contract, the place.To get a cheap rent-a-car service, do not be late. Consider, for example, possible traffic jams in Varna, you may be delayed, which in turn will increase the cost of the car rental. 



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