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Cheap car rental Varna - Tsarevets area and Veliko Tarnovo
Cheap car rental Varna - Tsarevets area and Veliko Tarnovo

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We can't call ourselves true Bulgarians proud of our long history if we haven't visited Veliko Tarnovo and Tsarevets area.  The old capital and this great historical sightseeing place are one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria which have saved the past, our political, economic and cultural life through the centuries within itself. Veliko Tarnovo, known also as an old capital of Bulgaria, is situated in the very heart of our native land and it offers unforgettable tourist sightseeing and experience to us. The city is one of the oldest cities in our country, and walking down its streets every remains fascinated by its architecture and authenticity, preserved through the centuries. 
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Tsarevets Castle is situated in the centre of the city and impresses everybody with its amazing and dignified vision and grandeur. There are three entries, which are clearly seen today, and the well-known Baldwin tower is situated by one of them. Baldwin Flanders, the emperor of the Latin Empir, was prisoned there, and according to the legends, he was captived by Bulgarian tsar Kaloyan at the battle of Adrianople. You can see a lot of buildings inside the fortress, including palace and royal chambers, and a huge throne room. "Tsarevets" area  is opened from 9:00 a.m. till 19:00 p.m. summer time, and prices for the visit of the fortress are symbolic - from 2 to 6 lv., while at a price of 10 lv. you can afford a talk to learn all the interesting facts about historical sites of the city.
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Situated on three hills, the city is full with pleasant places for recreation, which are very close to Tsarevets. For instance, the hotel "Tsarevets" is there to offer any options for a rest and city tourism to its guests. Besides pleasant atmosphere and authentic style, there you can enjoy the unique audio-visual show "Sound and Light". You will be pleasantly surprised by a nice dramatic music accompanied by amazing light show with lasers and sound of church bells that make every Bulgarian feel proud of his history and origin.  For a price of 230 lv.(€115) for 2 persons for 3 nights of "Bed and Breakfast" type you will dive in the comfort and atmosphere of the castle and relax in a luxurious and beautiful place. But if the price seems high to you, the city abounds with small hotels and houses for recreation, where for the price from 20 to 35 lv. per person you will make your vacation enjoyable and memorable. Here are some ideas for you:

Family hotel „Yatrus“ – 30 lv.(€15) per person,

guesthouse „Фотиядис“ – 20-35  lv.(€10-€18) per person,

family hotelSlavyanska dusha“ – 20-30(€10-€15)  lv. per person,

guesthouseIvanovata kashta“ – 12-30 lv.(€6-€15) per person.

These places mentioned above are only a part of all the pleasant places in Veliko Tarnovo which are awaiting you. And if you are quick and book your rental car from Pro rent a car Varna Bulgaria, you will make your trip to Veliko Tarnovo easy, pleasant and extremely comfortable. The cars of the company are entirely at your disposal, equipped with air conditioning, GPS, child seats, roadmaps, and Pro rentacar Varna staff will make sure that you get the requested car at a place comfortable for you. 

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