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Easter car rental from ProRent a car
Easter car rental from ProRent a car

Gathering more weekends around Easter is good news for travel enthusiasts. With only two days of additional leave, a person can collect 10 free days to use for short and long trips by car rental.

This year, May 1 falls on a Saturday, just before Easter, so we will rest on May 4. The days off will be from April 30 to May 4 (Friday-Tuesday, 5 days). If you take a holiday on May 5 and 7 (the two days around the May 6 holiday), a total of 10 days off from April 30 to May 9 inclusive are collected.

And what to do with so many weekends? Here are some ideas where to spend Easter around the world and in Bulgaria with a car rental from Pro rent a car.

Go to Velingrad when the city is immersed in the fresh greenery of spring. You can combine water bike rides in Lake Kleptuza, walks among the renovated Rhodope eco-trails around the city with an SUV rental and lazy afternoons in the hotel’s spas.
It is possible that the sunny Sandanski will welcome you with summer time in May. If you prefer to stay in Bulgaria for the holidays, but want to be warm and do not feel at home, head south. Sandanski and the area around the city are a perfect combination of spa pampering, nature and cultural attractions. And the Melnik region is very close for a bonus wine tastings and walks among the vineyards.
And if you still want to get to the beach, Greece is not so far away and you can take advantage of the low prices of our cars in the still uncluttered summer season and visit the Greek beaches.
The greenest Greek island awaits you with its endless possibilities for walks, beach, ruins and sailing and is a place that will not bore you. Corfu Easter is a classic because of the attractive celebration of the holiday by the locals, but even if there are no celebrations this year, you will certainly feel the uplifted atmosphere.

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