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Prom with car rental from Pro rent a car
Prom with car rental from Pro rent a car

Few days remain until the beginning of the prom and traditionally the euphoria has reached its limit. In most families, the preparation started at the beginning of the year, but the graduates and their relatives continue to invest money and ideas in the glamorous upcoming evening. Young people dream of being unique and rely on extravagant and expensive solutions and luxury car rentals.

The prom is a celebration that is organized on the occasion of the completion of a high school graduation. Sometimes it is preceded by sending to the school that the graduates are leaving and by meeting with the class teacher. The real part begins at the beginning of the evening, when graduates from all grades of the class gather, usually in a large restaurant. The principal and teachers traditionally attend this gathering. Graduating girls are usually dressed in formal ball gowns, and boys in a suit and tie. In recent years, clothing has become more relaxed, but retains its difference from everyday clothes "for school and disco", and much of the emotion around the prom is to dress differently and formally to show that it is word really for a holiday. The choice of the prom car has also changed and tends towards an increasingly luxurious car that we can provide you with a professional driver from Pro rent a car. The celebration of maturity and leaving the classroom. Proms are primarily for graduates to do the so-called "crossing the threshold" that separates them from the student bench of real unadulterated life. The biggest emotion is the preparation for the prom itself - the choice of clothes, shoes, accessories, luxury car, companion - and it lasts for months. On the day of the ball, the whole family, relatives and friends gather to send their graduate to the ball.

After a memorable evening, the graduates stepped into the stormy sea of ​​life. They went to high school, the barracks for the boys, applying to university for some, a wedding for others. Life went on, but he switched to a new track.

We will take care of every detail and add a pinch of finesse to your unforgettable evening!

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